Koor van Meneer de Wit zoekt zangers

Koor zoekt zangers voor gevarieerd klassiek repertoire.
Alten en bassen gezocht!

Aanmeldingen en info: ria@meneerdewit.com | 06 23933782

Na het eclatante succes van de Johannes Passion gaat het koor verder met Ivo Meinen als dirigent.
Op het programma staan nu de Liebeslieder Walzer van Johannes Brahms en een paar stukken van Camille Saint Saens.

ma 27 mei

Nieuwe yogalessen van The Fit Sisters


Join different The Fit Sisters yoga workshops in Amsterdam. There is a variation of themes and classes to choose from so feel free to try different workshops and see which is one is best for you. New workshops are added on a regular basis. All levels are welcome, and each class is capped at 12 people so everyone can get the individual attention they need. 

The Fit Sisters was founded by Sofia Simeonidou, a fitness teacher and food & fitness editor, with the intention to help, motivate, and support every person looking to improve their physical and emotional condition through exercise and better food choices.


do 30 mei

Flamencolessen door Ana Todorovic & Vida Peral

19:00 - 22:00

Ana Todorovic: Cursus Flamenco en cursus Taranto vanaf 27 september

Vida Peral: cursus Flamenco gevorderden vanaf 28 september

Ana Todorovic
Niveau beginners (leservaring 0 - 1,5 jaar)
Tijden 19.00 - 20.00 uur
Prijs 16 lessen: € 210

Niveau gevorderd niveau (leservaring >5/6 jaar)
Tijden 20.00 - 21.30 uur
Prijs 16 lessen: € 315
De lessen worden wekelijks begeleid door een professionele
flamencogitarist. Samen met de live muziek komen we zo
meteen aan dansen toe!


zo 2 juni

Sunday Afternoon Tango Salon


15 – 16.30 h Workshop BARRIDAS & CALESITAS + Milonga met DJ El Chino | www.tangotalks.com

Maandelijkse milonga met DJ El Chino

wo 5 juni

Easylaughs Impro

Easylaughs is an international improvised comedy group based in Amsterdam. Many of the players are full-time actors and theatre teachers and several of the cast have been playing together for more than 10 years. The cast includes voice actors, television presenters and writers and covers a wide international range.

Every Wednesday classes at 7 pm
Check: www.easylaughs.nl


"I love improv and taking classes is a lot of fun.
To learn to think on the spot
I was inspired by a improv show
I used to do some improv comedy in back in high school and I loved it
To be more outgoing.."

"For fun, wanted to play on stage with easylaughs
I love impro, impro is super fun!
socialize and learn
To kick asses in improv
Having fun, doing something new and scary."

"It scared me. :-)
To develop my awesome
Helpful in every single aspect of life
develop improv skills, get over stage fright, have fun!
I was scared to shit about the idea of making things up on spot."